Work And Life…Black Swan Times

Our lives have been embellished with “Black Swan Times”. We don’t know when the good times will roll.

Having understood that, we will have to evolve and work through the distressed times. When we delve the situation and look at what we should do keep our head bobbing, we normally discuss, exchange views, reassure and regain momentum.

Mankind has seen different vagaries. The “Tsunami” probably was the most recent one that I can recall amongst various other minor and major catastrophes. COVID19 as a pandemic could be the Mother of all Black Swan Time and we wish and pray this too shall pass.


Now notwithstanding the levels of perjury set forth by momma nature, we will have to show endurance both with our family lives and professional / business lives.

We from the travel fraternity who have sweated it out, so that the discerning traveler can consummate the desire to tour, are at crossroads on how to run or carry on with business during the “Black Swan Times”

We need to cut back on expenses, conserve cash, work hard, think out of the box, go out and out to get IT, surpass expectations and all such things in our work environment. When there is no revenue, how do you expect to spend?

One of the pinpricks would be to let go…become agile.

Devoid capex and focus on optimizing opex. While we have been busy running offices and have ivory tower set-ups for ensuring commerce, we need to understand that the world has shrunk and it’s all about operating our business from a pocket-friendly, flexible, scalable and tech-enabled ecosystem.

All of these would be available with a bonus of benefit from networking if you operate your business from a coworking atmosphere. Rainmakers Workspace offers a safe, hygienic, and budget-sensitive workspace for the travel fraternity. While you work on your challenges and get back on your feet, Our assurance is to provide you with seamless service and take care of the daily conundrum of managing the office during these harrowing times.

Rainmakers Workspace has options for clients who would like to start right from a Virtual Office address that would provide you a business address/ identity to a full-blown office space for small and mid-size teams.

The workspace is kitted out with ergonomic chairs, business speed internet, aromatic beverages, housekeeping services, ensures social distancing norms, secretarial and front office support. Anytime access, secure and safe environment.

We welcome you to rebound and regain……..the networking will enable commerce and the peace of working in a tranquil environment will make you plan and execute when markets are buoyant.

We have had reported instances where clients have had Eureka moments at Rainmakers Workspace and battled out complex business challenges…Black Swan Times…this too shall pass.

AUTHOR BIO: Paneesh Rao is a serial entrepreneur and now manages the Rainmakers Workspace in Bengaluru.