Sohansinh Jadeja appointed the president of IAAPI

Sohansinh Jadeja has been appointed the new president of Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries (IAAPI).

Jadeja is also the Director of Gujarat Amusement & Funworld Ltd, which owns and operates S. Cube water park and Gujarat Funworld amusement park in Vadodara. As a park operator, he is successfully managing the administration of his parks with the objective of ‘TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION PROGRAM’

He is a civil engineer by profession and has over 28 years of experience in the Amusement & Water Park industry. He joined ‘Saya Group of Companies in 1992 as Director which pioneered in the field of manufacturing rides, water slides and also owned and operate amusement parks and water parks in Gujarat. As Director Marketing, he had dynamically represented many International Companies and setup many Amusement Parks, Water Parks (from Concept to Commissioning) in India.

He joined IAAPI as Director in the 2005 and over the years has worked as Regional Chairman of the western region and chairman of the membership committee.

He loves to travel and is a person with an eye for detail. He has participated in many National & International Trade shows for business development. He is well connected with Social & Religious groups & always ready to help needy people. Being a sports loving person, he enjoys playing during free time. Meditation & Music to boost energy level which helps him to maintain a high-efficiency level all the time.

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