Sayaji hotels reopens with ‘safe stay’ commitment

Sayaji Hotels reopens its Indore, Pune, Vadodara, Kolhapur and Raipur properties to welcome back its guests into a safe and hygienic environment. The Covid-19 Pandemic has raised exceptional demands on the cleanliness and hygiene standards of the industry. And it can only be attained with the implementation of stringent protocols for the current circumstances. To access the on ground situation and the effectiveness of the measures implemented at Sayaji Hotels a two-day cleanliness inspection was personally conducted by Mr. Rakshit Sharma, Head-HR and Mr. Dinesh Dahiya, VP Sales, Sayaji Hotels Ltd.

The Hotel Group since its inception has always emphasised on health and safety. In the ‘New Normal’ the group has taken a step further by forming an in-house cleanliness council. This council will be responsible for carrying out a personal inspection of the hotel operations, food, water safety and hygiene & infection prevention for ensuring that the cleanliness standards are maintained from check-in to check out. The two members of the council Mr. Rakshit and Mr. Dinesh personally visited each of the four properties to elevate its cleanliness and hygiene standards to meet the new health and safety challenges presented by COVID-19. After carrying out the two days inspection the properties were deemed safe for welcoming back guests.

The Hotel Group has also put in place the “CARE BEYOND COMPARE” initiative, designed to meet the health and safety challenges presented by COVID-19. Through this program, the patrons will be informed and updated about the change in services designs & standards of operations that will be congruent to the norms of social distancing, safety & hygiene of the staff and cleanliness of the hotel.

Mr. Dinesh Dahiya, VP Sales, Sayaji Hotels Ltd, said “Humankind couldn’t have been the dominating species if we would not have braved the wilderness, embraced the uncertainties and travelled the world in search of a brighter future. The same human instincts have driven the Sayaji leadership team to travel by Road, cover 1500 kms and visit all our hotels to connect once again with our team; strategize the plan for reopening of hotels, implement a viable business plan keeping Guest and Team safety first.”

“We are duty-bound to reach out to our team members on the shop floor especially during these troubled times to instil their belief in our philosophy of Survive, Revive and Thrive, to counter these  unprecedented adversities.” Mr. Rakshit Sharma, Head-HR, Sayaji Hotels Ltd further added.

Welcoming the guests to a new era of travel with the ‘new normal’ stay experience; the Sayaji Hotel will give utmost priority to the health and safety of its guests and staffs. These hotels are a perfect place to set up a workstation for business travellers and a delight for leisure travellers. It provides a range of facilities to its guests, to ensure their safety and comfort in the duration of the stay.

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