Over 70 restaurants take part in Goût de France in India

Goût de France – Good France is back for the world’s biggest event celebrating French gastronomy in over 150 countries.

In 2019, Goût de France has had a makeover: this 5th year of the event will see over 5000 chefs participate across 5 continents over 4 days of events celebrating responsible cooking. They will unveil their vision of a French-style dinner in an extensive programme celebrating French cuisine.

Goût de France is the home of new culinary discoveries with a festival covering the whole of France and open to all.


Legendary French chef Auguste Escoffier, who is best known for popularizing and updating traditional French cooking methods, launched in 1912 « les Dîners d’Epicure » or epicurean dinners. This movement had the objective of presenting the same menu, the same day across several cities around the world and for a maximum number of guests.


The celebration of French cuisine – Goût de France – is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in 2011 as a measure to highlight French culinary science.


Goût de France – Good France carries forward this novel idea to restaurants across the four corners of the world who would like to be associated with this event.

French Gastronomy

Cuisine is one of the mainstays of France’s attractiveness to tourists. With a third of tourists saying that they visit France for its culinary heritage, it is clearly a major part of its international outreach. The depth and uniqueness of French cuisine, the wide range of local produce and the inscription of the “Gastronomic Meal of the French” on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity all help France stay at the top of global tourism destinations. Goût de France/Good France promotes the excellence of this expertise and is thus an essential tool for promoting destination France.


As the world’s leading tourist destination, France’s goal is to attract 100 million foreign visitors by 2020 and generate €60 billion in tourist revenue.


Chefs are invited to prepare a special Goût de/Good France menu, including an aperitif, a starter, one or two main course(s), a cheese platter and/or a dessert, accompanied by French wines and champagnes. This menu was served on  March 21.


A specification note is shared based on which the chef curates his proposal keeping in mind that although the experience offered is that of a French dinner, the ingredients used must be procured locally as much as possible, in order to promote sustainable gastronomy and to give priority to locally sourced and organic products.


The proposed theme for 2019 is sustainable actions in gastronomy to preserve the planet and the French region of Provence.

 Over 70 restaurants take part 

Participation from India has been increasing steadily, which reflects the Indian public’s growing interest in exploring new flavours, especially French gastronomy, which is certainly among the best in the world!


Restaurants selected in Bangalore

Restaurants selected in Hyderabad


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