‘Travel & Tourism contributes more to the South Africa economy than in any other African country’

Travel & Tourism in South Africa contributed 1.5 million jobs and ZAR425.8 billion to the economy in 2018, making it the largest tourism economy in Africa, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) annual review of the economic impact and social importance of the sector released today.

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If you're looking for a break away from the usual fast-paced city life and enjoy panoramic views and an abundance of wildlife, look no further than Mpumalanga, a province not too far from Gauteng. Although it is not a coastal province, there are many water activities, from river rafting to flyfishing, available for any keen water adventurer. For adventures on dry land, you are welcome to take a hike as this province hosts many scenic places to explore. You can drive to Mpumalanga from Gauteng, however if you prefer to fly, there are daily flights from Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town to the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA) near Mbombela (Nelspruit). True to the South African summers, this province is filled with sunlight and we suggest packing a hat, some sunscreen and keeping hydrated as often as possible. Temperatures may vary. In addition, remember to pack the insect repellant and malaria medication if travelling to a malaria zone in the province. This is an amazing picture, @senz_m! #SouthAfrica #Mpumalanga #ExperienceSouthAfrica #Explore #Adventure #Travel #TravelBug #SouthAfrica #Explore #ExperienceSouthAfrica #TravelGram #Travel

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For over 25 years, WTTC, which represents the global private sector of Travel & Tourism, has compared the Travel & Tourism sector across 185 countries. The 2018 research shows that the South Africa Travel & Tourism sector:

  • Contributed ZAR425.8 billion to the country’s economy – the largest of any country in Africa. This represents 8.6% of all economic activity in South Africa
  • Generated 1.5 million jobs, or 9.2% of total employment
  • Was primarily driven by leisure travelers: 64% of the travel economy was generated by leisure visitors and 36% from business travelers
  • Is roughly balanced between international and domestic travel: 44% of the tourism spend came from international travelers and 56% from domestic travel

Commenting on the numbers, Gloria Guevara, WTTC President & CEO said: “Travel & Tourism contributes more to the South Africa economy than in any other African country. In total, our sector contributes ZAR425.8 billion and 1.5 million jobs which makes it a formidable part of the economy.

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Explore the Kruger National Park which has accommodation to suit all budgets, from camping sites to luxury lodges, and if you’re looking for somewhere more remote and less busy then the big main camps are a perfect getaway. When visiting the Kruger, you are going to connect and interact with nature in a special way. You can do this by taking a guided safari in a truck or taking a walking safari. True to nature, no two paths, routes or experiences will be the same therefore you can do the same route again and manage to find different sitings each time. The best time to visit is anytime during the year however, some trails are not operational in the hottest months of the year (November to February), so be sure to check availability when booking. Try to set aside a budget for your adventure to the Kruger as trails can cost anything between R2 000 and R10 000, depending on the level of luxury and their duration. This is definitely an experience that is beyond your wildest dreams and the memories you gather will last a lifetime. Thanks for this picture, @chlo.eee.leung #MeetSouthAfrica #Travel #KrugerNationalPark #SouthAfrica #TravelBug #Limpopo #Mpumalanga #TravelGram #ExploreSouthAfrica #ExperienceSouthAfrica

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“South Africa has long grasped the potential of Travel & Tourism to drive economic growth, create jobs and promote social development and I would like to acknowledge the leadership of Minister of Tourism, H.E. Derek Hanekom. That is why we welcome President Ramaphosa’s ambition to double the number of people directly employed in T&T in South Africa. 

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In the South West of Johannesburg lies the amazing township of Soweto. The township is home to the famous and iconic Orlando Towers. The Orlando Towers have been around a long time and are now a local chill spot to take part in various activities. This lovely bungee site adds a whole new dimension to sightseeing in this famous Johannesburg township, bridging the gap between adventure and township tourism. Take the time to enjoy the world-renowned township like never before. For the brave, it is a 100m drop to the ground and if that is not your cup of tea you can enjoy the swing. The Orlando Towers is an important part of Soweto's history and to mark this, the west tower has been painted to reflect the famous sons and daughters of Soweto as well as traditional township scenes adding a local and memorable flavour to the two towers. Soweto is an all-year-round destination due to its moderate climate, we suggest a visit any tme of year bearing in mind that our summers are hot and our winters are cold. Things to do while in the area include evening shebeen (tavern) tours; half-day and full-day township tours; the Nelson Mandela house tour and the Hector Pietersen Memorial tour. For something a little different, try a township homestay or book in to one of the many charming B&Bs in the area. This is a fantastic image @nicoleslabber #MeetSouthAfrica #Travel #SouthAfrica #TravelBug #Soweto #TravelGram #ExploreSouthAfrica #ExperienceSouthAfrica #Gauteng

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“Looking to the future, I believe that Travel & Tourism is South Africa’s greatest resource and the country’s strategy for expansion which priorities regional integration, environment sustainability and putting the community at the heart of decisions will make for a successful combination.”

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