Jammu Mahotsav 2019 highlights

Jammu Mahotsav, a three-day event, which showcased the multicultural wonders of Jammu, was held across the state. The objective of the fest was to promote the state’s rich heritage. There were song and dance, food and festivities at multiple venues throughout the event.

The colorful Bagh-e-Bahu with its stone stairs and floral delights served as the perfect venue for the youth of Jammu to showcase their talents. A small stage in the middle of the spectacular garden, which brought out the artistic capabilities of the Jammu youth, won the applause of many residents who had gathered there. The youth expressed their artistic talent through various dance forms, including Dogra, Punjabi, and the hip-shaking numbers of Bollywood.

Payal, a mother of two, who was at Bagh-e-Bahu, said that for the first time she is being a part of the event that brought together the people of Jammu. “There is so much unrest in the country right now, and this kind of events offer a welcome break to our residents. This is a good initiative by Jammu Tourism to bring together its people, while on the same breath promoting the rich culture of the state.”

The event was also an opportunity for foodies to try out the authentic flavors of Jammu. The sizzling hot ‘chole battura, aalu tikki, rajma chaawal, and paneer butter masala, reflected the culinary richness of the state.

Sandeep, who had come with his family, to the garden, said that his wife and children enjoyed the festivities. “We should have more festivals like these which unite the people of Jammu. The best part is that this festival is an open-door event, and it makes everyone feel that they are a part of the community. There was food, there was fun. What more do we need to feel united?”

The festivities of Jammu Mahotsav also extended to other venues like Mansar Lake, Mubarak Mandy, the University of Jammu, and Yatri Niwas.

At Mansar Lake, students in school uniforms, who had come on a picnic, enjoyed more than just the lake’s splendor. The stage set up at the lake premises brought out local talents in the form of skits, songs, dance, and poems.

Shivani, a school teacher, who was at the premises, said that events like Jammu Mahotsav must be conducted regularly. “Not only does it help our youngsters showcase their talents, but also it takes them back to the roots of Jammu culture where dance forms like Dongra was seen and experienced by the locals and the visitors alike.

The event ended on a high note at Yatri Niwas, where Jammu’s favorite singers and dancers won the applause of the audience. The showstoppers were Abha, Shuchi Arora, and Sharry Mann. The event, as a while, brought out the splendor not just of Jammu, but also the rich amalgamation of Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh.

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