Inventree ties up with Coffee Grove

Inventree Hotels and Resorts is joining hands with Coffee Grove to enter Chikmagalur, Karnataka’s most sought-after tourist destination. Inventree Hotels and Resorts is the hotel management brand by itravel. The six-year-old company has successfully on-boarded a new property in Chikamagalur, which will be rebranded as Coffee Grove by Inventree Hotels and Resorts from September 1. On the acquisition, the MD of Inventree, Sudipta Deb and the Managing Partner of Coffee Grove Resort , Rangaraj, said that this collaboration shows a lot of promise. Coffee Grove resort is the hidden secret of Chikmagalur.

“Inventree hotels and resorts are happy to collaborate with The Coffee Grove and to work for greater success of this wonderful place and get it maximum visibility,” said Deb. “Inventree Hotels and Resorts have their extensive network and deep market insight. Coffee Grove Resort is excited to join hands with Inventree, they have the right balance of an experienced team, expertise in the domain and enthusiasm. They are a group of passionate professionals who believe that performance is the single most measuring matrix of their success. We are sure to get you a different coffee on your next visit with Inventree hotels and resort,” added Rangaraj.

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