Human travel agents will rise like a phoenix

In order to rise from its own ashes, a phoenix must first burn.

As always, the time period of our world is classified into two calendars: B.C and A.D.

While the initials remain, the abbreviation has changed. Today, Before Christ (B.C) is being replaced by ‘Before Corona,’ and ‘After Disease’ is used as a substitute for Anno Domini (A.D).

For the travel trade fraternity—both in India and abroad—the fact remains that travel will never be the same again. The travel business will never be the same again— it will be bigger and better than ever.

Travelers, though reduced in numbers due to the pandemic, will continue to make travel great again, if they get the right travel agent. As opposed to booking online and talking to a faceless customer service representative, the post-pandemic traveler will look at a human touch to help them navigate safely to their destination.

Amadeus, in its recent report titled, ‘From Human Touch to Human Tech’ highlights the role played by human travel agents. “Human interaction is key to great customer experience,” the report states, adding that people are the face of your organization and this can be even more important in times of crisis like we’re seeing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Travelers will no longer make decisions based on online reviews. They seek accountability. They need to speak to someone who can take responsibility for their safety. The post-pandemic traveler will want more than just paperwork and knowledge about hotel hygiene. They want reassurance and empathy, and they can rely only on human travel agents to react and adapt to solve their problems.