Hotel Association of India, join hands to create alternate livelihoods for 300,000+ hospitality industry workforce impacted due to Covid-19

The Hotel Association of India (HAI), the apex body of the hotel industry in India, and an integrated hospitality industry platform has entered into a partnership with to create alternative livelihoods and opportunities for the impacted workforce of HAI member hotels. HAI and have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to assist those whose jobs have been affected due to ongoing Pandemic COVID-19. With this partnership, HAI and have laid the ground to support over 300,000 people whose jobs were eroded during the pandemic due to the spiraling negative impact on the hospitality and tourism industry.

The aim of the partnership is to provide a platform to Covid-19 impacted workforce of member hotels of HAI. These individuals will be supplied with relevant information on job opportunities that match their skills and identified sectors that can be tapped for suitable placements. Sectors that could potentially become a source of employment for these job seekers include Hospitals & Healthcare, Banks, Facility management, Hypermarkets, and Malls, Call Centres, Restaurant chains among others. This will help job seekers find appropriate opportunities and modes of survival in these difficult times.

Mr. KB Kachru, Vice President of the Hotel Association of India said, “The outbreak of COVID- 19 has affected everyone in the hospitality sector, be it member hotels or its employees; we can all feel the turbulence caused by the pandemic, but we are trying our best to still hold the ground and keep moving forward. The hospitality sector has seen rising levels of job losses. Approximately, 30% of the workforce directly associated with the sector have lost their jobs at an alarming rate. The Hotel Association of India is deeply concerned about the people and their families who are struggling to survive through the situation. We feel it is our responsibility to care for and provide the right guidance and support to such affected employees of the sector. Our engagement with is a step in that direction where we will aim to create possibilities of alternate livelihoods for those employees of our member Hotels who lost their jobs during the pandemic. This partnership will help address the very needs of the affected workforce by finding them the right fitment and bringing them back into the formal economy.”

India’s tourism accounts for over 9% of the 3-trillion economy, providing over 100 million jobs. Due to the current situation, more than 50% of people are impacted by job losses due to demand destruction in the sector after the outbreak of Covid-19. As an industry body, HAI is of the firm belief that everything possible must be done to help the sector and its affiliates survive. It is only then; a complete survival and revival will be possible.

Dr. Pawan Goyal, Chief Business Officer, said, “We welcome the initiative by HAI to help impacted workforce find avenues for their survival through these tough times. With this partnership, Naukri stands in solidarity with all impacted job seekers in their endeavour to find relevant job opportunities and up their career progression”.

As part of the initiative, HAI and will assist jobseekers with interview and CV tips, share live company and industry hiring trackers, provide CV score evaluations as well as add the impacted profiles in Naukri’s Database: Resdex with the tag ‘Immediately available to join’. Similarly, certain premium paid services will also be made available to impacted employees of HAI member hotels at a discounted price.

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