Bahrain Tourism & Exhibition Authority appoints Intrepid Marketing & Communications as their India Representative

The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority (BTEA) has assigned Intrepid Marketing and Communications to undertake all its trade, marketing, and communication initiatives across the country to establish Bahrain as Indian travellers’ go-to short-haul destination.

Bahrain has been of note for its opulent weddings, but it’s centuries-old culture and history is what the BTEA is aiming to showcase to the world. Additionally, it’s super-cosmopolitan vibe is the perfect foil to the adventure and historical attractions. Bahrain is also overlooked on its potential for frequent travellers (FITS) and group-events like meetings, conferences and events (MICE) – which is what Intrepid is strategizing to highlight. With a direct hop from India in under five hours via its national carrier Gulf Air, Bahrain is poised to be India’s next big travel muse.

Ali Hasan Follad, Acting Director of Marketing and Tourism Promotions, BTEA

Addressing the appointment, Dr. Ali Hasan Follad, Acting Director of Marketing and Tourism Promotions, BTEA, said, “We are thrilled to commence our partnership with Intrepid and are confident that they will be instrumental in navigating Bahrain through the current challenges affecting international travel. We’ve worked with Intrepid’s management and they’ve been instrumental in positioning Bahrain as a notable short-haul destination for the Indian families, couples and adventurers. We are certain that this partnership will enhance our existing relations with the travel fraternity in India. Also, Intrepid will be building new bonds with the online travel communities.”

Sunil Mathapati, Director, Intrepid Marketing and Communications

On being appointed, Sunil Mathapati, Director, Intrepid Marketing and Communications, said, “The team is elated to work with BTEA and explore the ‘new normal’ of international travel. As travel restrictions are changed and lessened, we are working on expanding Bahrain’s presence, stirring conversations around experiential travel and ‘dream itineraries’ around Bahrain. The Indian travel market remains promising as always; we want to engage with the consumers directly and position Bahrain as one of the most hype-worthy travel destinations.”

Bahrain’s COVID-19 Update:  As on October 2020, Bahrain’s COVID-19 cases are very much under control, said Dr. Ali Follad. “The National Medical Task Force, a part of ‘Team Bahrain’ led by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy  Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, is doing a tremendous job in fighting Covid-19,” he added. Assuring the safety of Bahraini citizens and residents alongside international travellers, he said Bahrain is prepared and ready to welcome travellers in 2021!