AirAsia India enhances group booking experience with GroupRM

Infiniti Software Solutions, the creators of GroupRM, has joined hands with AirAsia India to help the airline automate its group booking experience. Usage of the AI-powered product GroupRM will make the group booking process simpler and seamless due to the newfound ability to take on more group bookings and set prices dynamically.

Ananth Narasimhan, CEO and MD, Infiniti, expressed great enthusiasm at the prospect of GroupRM helping the airline grow its revenue. He said, “AirAsia India is going to benefit from the ability to leverage historical data to balance supply and demand, understand passenger willingness to pay, and make faster and more profitable decisions. GroupRM is currently used by 25 of the most successful airlines from around the world, and we are confident that its implementation will certainly add value to the airline’s biggest source of group bookings—travel agents—who will be able to effortlessly book tickets in bulk and continue to extend support to the airline.”

Ankur Garg, Chief Commercial Officer, AirAsia India, said,“We are happy to collaborate with Inifniti, in continuation of other digital initiatives including our new website, AI-powered chatbot Tia and various other systems, all designed to enhance our guest experience. We are confident that our travel partners will benefit from GroupRM’s user friendly functionality to fulfill group travel requests including weddings, conferences, sports and event groups effectively with a fully automated end-to-end solution from request to negotiation to booking fulfillment.”

GroupRM’s additional features include self-service options like cancellation, name updation ingrained through the tool that can be done instantly.